07/09 England shirt.

It looks like Peter Crouch is modelling it.
Nah, top one is yuk! i think the new one is nice. bout time we had a decent shirt
Yeah the one you posted Craven is the new England shirt, I like it very nice indeed :)
No, the one i and Grant posted is;


Taken from Kitbag.
No, the one i and Grant posted is

Yup, I was just quoting the one I saw in NOTW Lloyd, I've only posted a fake up top. It's my 22nd on the 15th so I'll have mine then, wouldn't pay for one myself.
yeah yeah i know now, just didn't notice the quote bit, my bad.
got to say, i think the new kit's vile, just not feeling the random diamonds on the top of the shirt, with the detailing under the arm

sorry guys!

id be happy with a plain as plain can be shirt, like they wore in the 60s.
It's rubbish to be honest. I'm with Rocky above and would have prefered a nice plain shirt.