10+ players [multiple leagues] Network Game


Jul 19, 2015

Hello and welcome to - 10+ player network game. We are currently 8 players playing first season of current save looking for maybe 1-5 more players.

Save setup
  • roughly 10-12 players
  • picks from 4th media predicted and bellow
  • browsing timer is 1 minute
  • no match timer
  • no pre-match timer
  • sat / wed match engine
  • at least 10 leagues picked

Save rules - click on link bellow to read up on save rules and PVP rules


You will notice that we use special PVP (player vs player) point system. We use it to decide on order picking in any future saves we make. We also use it to have a guidance who is the best player among us , aka who has the most PVP. There are lot of ways to earn PVP points. Anything about the PVP is posted in the link above.

Game times

Every day 6 pm GMT - 10/11
Weekends 12pm - random
You are not obligated to play every day but we wont have players who play too little as well.

Any newcomers will be picking teams after all of us pick, as we have already have PVP ready to decide order of picking.

PVP SYSTEM: - EVERYONE is obligated to participate in posting pvp in the designated topic.


For anyone who is interested, here is the link to my steam account. Please don't leave me your steam names in here as i won't be going and search for it. If you wish to discuss joining/save rules or anything else, add me thru that link and we will discuss everything on steam, not here.

STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104451305/

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