10 point deduction?


Jun 25, 2010
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Why is it done?

Its the year 2037, Arsenal have been relegated to Coca Cola League 1 status and when i just checked the points table, i found that 10 points have been deducted from the team after 7 matches.
Why does this take place???

Also... first time am i playing any version of fm... so when does the game end.. and how?
Does it end at all? Just curious.
It doesn't end, it will keep going into the future until your computer gives up or you get bored

Arsenal will have gone into administration, like real life they have been given points deduction for this
might be administration thing, just like Portsmouth

when does the game end?
when you decide to end your game
So it is possible to be 100+ and be on the same club. :D

its just boring after some point.
what does that mean.?
it happened to Portsmouth in real life last season

If a club runs out of money and goes bust, they will go into administration where finances will be out of the clubs control, trying to find a solution to the debt - usually the club will be saved from extinction by new owners/investors taking over the club

the punishment from the FA for any club that has such bad problems with their finances and have to go into administration is a points deduction - in the premier league this will be 9points and any leagues below will be 10points