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100 or more passes of my creator


Sep 16, 2011
how to get my creator more than 100 passes me is that it's hard but I would like to know if you can do with any tactic, or is a specific tactic, or if you have a secret. Please I would appreciate assistance
Do you mean playmaker by 'creator', someone like Xavi Hernandez. In order for you to succeed with your playmaker, he needs to be good. No-one, not even the best managers can make Wrexham look like Barcelona. So I would suggest investing in a better playmaker if your current one isn't very good. Why would you want to make 100 passes? Do you just want a possession tactic, or something. Personally, I think the pass count is useless unless you are doing well in the match. I would rather win with little possession than lose controlling the game. So I would make sure your passes are set on short, play with less width (team instruction wise, and formation wise), tick the 'Playmaker' box on 'Team Instructions' and set your playmaker to 'Advanced Playmaker' and give him high creative freedom.

By the way, muhammadrizka, I looked on your tactic thread, looks very good. Haven't used it yet, but may soon!
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