Dec 30, 2009
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I'm having trouble with all of my strikers at Sampdoria - mainly Lukaku and Pazzini. They've both stopped scoring and can score even simple chances (inlcuding penalties). Is there something wrong with this patch? I've tried everything but this problem has been ongoing for a season and a half where i've been relying on wingers and center mids for goals.

Even if their morale is Superb they still cant score !! and they are getting plenty of chances both from the wing and through the center.

Is there a trick to get world class strikers to get more that 4 goals a season? do i need to vary my tactics more?
If you're rotating them, it could be that there's too much rotation for them to settle down and score.
If you're playing them both, they could be complacent that their first-team spot is guaranteed.
Generally, I'd say criticize them once you spot an opportunity, or give them a rest/place them on the subs bench.
I've had no particular trouble with scoring this patch.
think I've found the solution. When i upped the training intensity for all areas - the goals started pouring in and all other areas of the team started performing a lot better. Two games since the change and Lukaku scored 2 in the 1st game; Pazzini's just scored in a 3-0 win over Parma.

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