ST: Neymar, Leandro Damiao, Lewandowski
Wingers: Ben Arfa, Schurrle
MC: Nainggolan, Verratti, M'vilai
DC: Zouma, Kjaer, Pique
Thank you very much for the quick reply mate!

ST: Neymar is good but I would refer to splash the money on somebody like Falcao/Cavani should I wanted to pay 50m etc.
Damiano is also not good enough atm but turns out quite good in 2-3 years. Lewa is a good call! Hope he is not super expensive.
What about Cardoso? Can he be good in a big team? Also, the guy who manages City will sell Tevez, should I go for him?

MC: Verratti is typical womderkid and is not good enough at the moment. As I said I am only looking for fully developed players that will be handed a starting role and kick *** from day 0. So that player needs to be either better than Ramires/Mikel at defending or betten than Lamps at attacking.

AMR: Thanks for confirming Ben Arfa. Hopefully he will not be injured all the time. Schurrle is another interesting call but I am not really convinced that he can be instantly better than my current players (Oscar, Moses)

DC: Zouma is too young but is simply amazing. Kjaer is developed but I do not rate him that high especially for a team like Chelsea. Pique is super-super expensive.
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Apologies for posting it to the wrong place.
Any help will be appreciated!
Central mids: I'd go for Wanyama and Vidal. Bar them Diame, Hamsik, Gundogan or one of the Benders.
Awesome! Diame is so underrated irl.

thanks a lot Hitman

What about old CBs (might be cheaper) that can still do the job next to Terry?
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Not sure mate, I always buy young. Scout around for one.

Douglas from Twente is a good buy. Not old, but shouldn't be too expensive as his contract's up first season.

Bellusci from Catania is my favourite CB. Available for like £3.5million, but he might be too undeveloped for your needs.
True, our game is definitely not the typical FM that everyone plays, that's the reason why I struggle atm

Is there a list somewhere with the current abilitiy of each player that I could get my hands on?