12 Completely Free Itunes Songs


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Sep 16, 2005
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No payment details required!


1) Go Here
2) Enter your details and the promotional code "DIYTUNES"
3) Click on My Account, near top of page and click redem free itunes blah blah
4) Take the codes, open Itunes and click on redeem, located Here
5) *** me

If you dont have Itunes feel free to register anyway and PM me your codes as an act of gratefullness :D

Also, what album should I download, im thinking "The Bends"
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Good stuff Gregor :thup:
The 12 free songs associated with this promotion code are not available on an automatic basis anymore. Don't worry though - this just means we're manually checking that the registrations are valid and genuine (like yours most likely is) before awarding the free songs. We'll review new memberships soon and credit your account if applicable.

Boooo :( Sean got straight on, everything hates me. :(
Another one of your Free STUFF Idea's lol.:rolleyes:
He, its saved me 8 quid, how can you complain!!!! Especially being Scottish! and even more espesh being a Carluker