[13.2.3] ' The 03~04 Gunners ' 4-2-2-2 tactic


Feb 22, 2013
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At first, I might apologize for my bad english.
I saw a very interesting tactic at Korean FM fan's forum, FMkorea.net.
Following is translation of the original post which is written by "GunnerSnSang"


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It's modeled on 04-05 unbeaten Arsenal
Of course, very strong players are needed. It's obvious that 04-05 Arsenal's very strong players and their fantastic harmoney are the main reasons for unbeaten winning.
It can be used for middle,small team by deeping defensive line and reducing freedom but i'm not sure..

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explanation to each positions

AF :
- Henry's role
- fast, good physical, finishing, technical player
- recommended ppm : move into channel, plays one-two pass

- Bergkamp's role
- who have very good mental attributes like creativity, flair, determination is suitable
- ppm : plays one-two pass, comes down to get the ball, tries killer balls often
I have to bergkamp's position as forward because of my squard composition but his role more seems like AM.
between forward and midfielder line, DLF gets the ball and passes to the whole field.
It's possible to down DLF to AM and give AM max of overlapping + If you do that, AM and AF might be centered.

IF (AML) :
- R.Pires
- Right foot + finishing + dribbler
- ppm : cut inside, runs with ball often

- Ljungberg
- High workrate + speed
- ppm : cut inside

- G.Silva
- most important : strong physical + outstanding defensive skill
- + attacking attributes to some degree
- ppm : gets forward whenever possible

- Vieira
- High workrate, defensive skills
- + passing skills is needed
- ppm : gets forward whenever possible
- more attacking position than DML

- most important : attacking ability
- of course, defending ability is also needed

CB :
- Kolo Toure, Sol Campbell
- Speed is the best important thing

- Lauren
- Balanced Fullback

*** Note :

- There are AMR*AML swap and AF+DLF swap

- If you dislike swap position, it's okay to turn off the swap

- I recommend you to feel free to tweak this tactic for whatever you want

The last thing i want to say is that
" If you fail to succeed by using this tactic, that's because not lonly this is bad tactic(about 99%) but also you fail to manage the team(about 1%) "

GunnerSnsang(maker of this tactic)'s results

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my results

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- in my opinion, canceling the swap position is the better choice.

- in my case, tactic's power is appeared after October so you might have patience until players get used to this tactic and harmonize

- the best entertainment of this tactic is counter attack & beautiful passing soccer.

- attack route usually starts at DML or DMR's cutting and passing the ball into forward.

- Also, if it doesn't work, AML drrible and destroys opponent's defender. After that, he can anything from shooting to passing to forward or overrapping fullback.

- Another route : Crossing AML to AMR and AMR scores

- If you have player who has good aerial ability(like Lukaku) it is possible to see that fullback cross->the player heading scores

- training schedule & OI are not mentioned. There are many tips for training schedule so you can easily get the one you want.

In my case, pre-season:tactics very high, and match training max +not allow rest,after match
during season:balanced high, and match training medium + match training focus is variable -> away:def.positiong -> def.setpiece / home:att.positioning -> att.setpiece.. + only allow after match

I'm not good at tactics along with english so it may difficult to answer tactical questions.
It's made by "GunnerSnSang" (fmkorea.net)
link : http://cfile239.uf.daum.net/attach/27310A42512BB5F3283B37
If you want to see how this tactic works, please check the link :
then you can find flashes which capture game scenes using this tactic. If you can't, you must install adobe flash player or so
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