Jul 21, 2012
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Weird but Wonderful

As many people inlcuding my-self were struggling with this game with the new match engine, I would always be unsatisfied when losing with downloaded tactics. Nothing against the creators of the tactics I guess it was just me being stupid and thinking downloaded tactics would bring me more success.

So after suffering embarrassing results in countless saves, I decided I would create a save and do everything my-self including creating a tactic. Now I was more then often useless when it comes to tactics and I could only tell you the basics. So before making this tactic, I thought I would just make my-self look even more of an idiot when losing every game with my own tactic.

After messing around for hours on end, Somehow and some way I've actually made a successful tactic for my-self. Although I can't in anyway shape or form guarantee that you or anyone for that matter would get even close to as good a results I did.

The Tactic:

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Opposition Instructions:


Match Training:

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I suggest focusing on tactics until the league actually starts just so you can get the tactic fluid that little bit faster.

Individual Training:

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For Individual training I make them focus on their position and what setting they have I.E Andre ter Stegen would be focusing on Goalkeeper, Dominguez focusing on Central Defender, Younes focusing on Advanced Playmaker etc etc. I also put there work load on Heavy if they have more then 3 and half star potential from your scouts, I do this with Reserves and U18's as-well. But If a player of the age of 30+ has more then 3 and a half star potential just leave it on average otherwise they will get mad. Players under 3 and a half potential can stay on average.

First Season:

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First Season Results:

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Most Memorable Results:

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So as you can see, I won the league in my first season with this tactic. In the midst of all that there were some key performances that lead us to win the league with some memorable results along the way. I just scraped my way out of my Champions League grp that was extremely unfair on me putting us against Barcelona, Zenit and Galatasaray. Some how managed to make it through there and put up a brilliant performance against Man Utd in the first knockout round only to be destroyed at Old Trafford in the second leg.

Overall, I think I've done an extremely good job and I'm very proud to say that I made my own successful tactic, Let's just hope it works for you guys!

If you want any questions answered feel free to ask, I will answer every question I can. Also, If you feel I left something out please let me know.

Thanks for your time!

Tactic Link: Here

Wondergoal Using this tactic:

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no i get that but you know what some members will say

Yeah definitely, I've actually not seen his 4-5-1 before, Although I have used other tactics from him before. But yeah, I didn't know about his 4-5-1 before you just said that. I went and checked it and yeah they're pretty similar role wise and shape wise.
When I click on the link:

[h=3]File Belongs to Non-Validated Account.[/h]The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated
Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.
When I click on the link:

File Belongs to Non-Validated Account.

The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated
Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

Hmm OK, Thanks for that. I sent a message into their support team and it looks like that's sorted. There's been 51 successful downloads of it so it must of a been a connection issue between us two. But hopefully It should be fixed now, If not I uploaded it directly to the site on the 1st page.