Oct 5, 2008
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Hi everybody,

i Found a tactic on fmkorea that works very well for my ajax side.
i am not so good in explaining things so i will post some screenshots.
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so this is how its going this season withe the tactic, i think its very decent for a team of ajax with almost only players of the youth.
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and here is my team and the tactic.
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and this is the training i use, something i take over from someone on this forum and it will increase your players stats very good.
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and won the champions leauge with it.
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hope u will enjoy it just like me.
and ofcourse all credits go to the maker of the tactic chrysler from fmkorea
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thanks kalsruher,

still going strong with the tactic, finished runner up at the world cup with the netherlands.
and just won the european super cup against cska with 4-0
Can you post the link on here? I can't download it from the site!
can explain about the training?
i am still blur over it
i set training in pre season on high tactics and the rest of the season low balanced and 10 procent defence positioning.
and i set all my strikers on individual complete forward high
midfielders individual box to box midfielder high
defenders individual ball playing defenders high
backs individual full back high
and goalkeepers individual on sweeper keeper high.

i think this is the best way to get the best out of your players, they get real good very fast.
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i changed the tactic a little, turned of offside trap and turned on counter
When you all have helped out with the translation of the openintg post of this Korean forum, perhaps you can edit the Opening post so it contains all the needed info, along with a fair download link to the tactic ( that is already found in the thread, but not in the OP)

Naturally, all this after asking or informing the author about it.

Tried this tactic with an average team, not very good results and games last soooo long. A lot of highlights to show. Will try with a better team sometime later and will let you know how it goes.
Any reccomendations on what kind of players to get?
Also tried it with Arsenal. Very bad results, almost ruined my save.