1995 Liverpool - an alternative reality.


Mar 25, 2016
Started a Liverpool game on a retro 95/96 database. Have got to the January transfer window in the season and we're third in the league, 3 points behind leaders United so far, so things going alright so far.

But, the best thing about this save is the ability to dream what might have been...

I spunked my initial budget in the opening transfer window - all £6m of it - on a 20 year old Veron who's been a bit good.

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Then signed a 19 year old Viera after unsettling him for £12m:
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Got to the January transfer window and, as you do, had a look at the players whose contracts are expiring and couldn't help myself...

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That's the core of my midfield for at least the next 10 years sorted then.