2002-03 database finished


Apr 10, 2009
To anyone that's bothered.

I have finished the 2002-03 database that I started about a week ago.

I have re-created the whole of the Premier League, recreating the whole squads and finances of all 20 teams. I have also changed the English league names to what they were then. Another interesting feature I have done is leave all teams, besides the Premier League clubs, with no players. So for a bit of fun, you might want to take charge of a foreign League team or a Lower League club, all teams will be fighting for players and everyone will start completely equal. I have also updated all of the English Leagues down to League 2, in terms of Promotion and Relegation. Another fun feature on here is one that you might love or hate. I have got some players that are world class superstars now, but were completely unknown in 2002-03. So I haven't deleted them, I have left them exactly as they were, besides the fact that I've changed there names to something completely random. There's 8 hidden players in all. I have done this to stop, or make it harder for people to just create the same Man Utd or Chelsea team that they would in any other database. Although 8 players doesn't seem alot. They are all top quality players that were 100% unknown in 2002.

I hope you enjoy this database. As it took me a while to make. Please tell me what you think.

I will put a link up on here when it's up on here as it's still uploading.