Dec 24, 2011
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I am beginning to create an editor file of the 2008-2009 season for FM13. This will include players at clubs, staff at clubs and correct competition names etc.

I thought this would be an interesting save to do and most of the players should still be active in some way or another due to it being 4 years compared to the start of a new save.

If anyone would like to assist they are welcome to. I would like assistance with leagues such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy and maybe Brazil. If you have knowledge of a different league or would just like to add them please feel free to do so. All I would need is for you to use the editor to create the changes and upload it to a sharing site such as Mediafire so I can download and merge it with my save. If this gets completed it will be uploaded here for you to play. I am trying to make it as authentic as I can with as many correct players, staff etc as I can find.

Please message here if you are interested in helping or at least playing this save once it is finished.

P.s. If you are making changes to squads etc. can it only have been before 1st September 2008 and not any further so it doesn't include January transfers.