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Dec 26, 2010
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First of all this is not my tactic.
I have found it on other forum and used Google to translate it to English.
The tactic created on FM10 and i recreated the file so that will work on FM13.

Those who do not know me, I love to restore real life tactics manager.
I had free time tonight and I wanted to recreate the tactics of Mourinho with Inter last season.
I present it here to you, you are welcome to download it, use it and share experiences How'd you.
I'll accept any opinion and criticism.

Mourinho played this season with a 4-2-3-1 system - asymmetrical.

User group:
Mourinho, of course, defensive coach, and he played with Inter this season.
Mourinho likes to defend himself by keeping the shape and array group, so I chose this tactic to play with the philosophy of the very rigid.
Mourinho likes to pull the opposing team to attack, creating holes and gaps in the opponent's half, allowing Inter to carry out attacks. So I chose here at Counter.
He loved to play with long balls as part of the strategy counterattacks.
Like I said, he likes to keep the shape of the team, so I chose More disciplined in tactical umbrella "so the players will not start to do whatever they want and where they want to run.
Mourinho love physical and stronger players not afraid to tackle hard, so I went with More aggressive.
He plays most of the time with maintaining the area, which invites the opposing team to attack in order to expose holes in its half of the pitch.
Again, Mourinho likes to keep the shape and system and he does not like players wander too much, so I chose to stick to in Position.
Snyder is the best group morality and most of the time he holds the ball field lot.
Milito is the primary offensive option Mourinho and most attacks go to.
Also, the defensive line is deep and Mourinho do not usually play with different traps main tactic.


Julio Cesar:
Cesar does not drive out the plaza too, and most of the times give the ball back Liceu building attacks.

Macon is relatively free for many tactical. He does a lot of protection, a lot of attack and does not stop till the right wing, so I gave him a role here of Wing Back.

Lucio typically costs more up Samuel, and begins to slowly attacks the defense. I gave him a role here with a Ball Playing Defender's Duty stopwatch.

Walter Samuel:
Samuel's role is strictly defensive. He never shows up except Mbmzvim stationary. He used strong physical net brake.
So I gave him the role of Limited Duty Defender with a cover.

Javier Zanetti:
At his advanced age, Zanetti is no longer going up like it was doing before. It is used mostly defensive role.
I gave him the role of a protective standard.

Thiago Motta and Esteban Kmbiaso:
Both games are quite similar roles. They are primarily defensive, but always one of them costs a bit more up to start attacks. Once tilted costs a bit more and Kmbiaso left behind, and once it's the opposite.
I LaMotta role of playmaker back with Duty of Support, Kmbiaso midfielder with a Defend duty, and I will replace both the location and role throughout the game.

Christian Kivu:
Sometimes Fandb game here, but I chose this tactic Kibbutz first choice.
He plays defensive Schwinger, is located relatively deep, his goal is to close the left wing of the Inter and help Zanetti.

Samuel Eto'o:
Eto'o Inter playing a completely different role role he played in Barcelona. Barca was the main offensive output, scoring most of the gates.
Inter is playing a more defensive Schwinger often cuts inside. Mourinho loved to use the power of his endless stamina to keep the opponent's players and indeed, throughout the season Eto'o saw his *** running from end to end in order to contribute to the defensive effort (which in my opinion rash claims that an egotistical, what they said about Barca).
I gave him the role of Inside forward with attack duty and changed his personal instructions to close more the opposing players.

Wesley Sneijder:
Snyder is the best group morality and therefore he sees most ball. He is looking for the pass or Eto'o Lmilito deadly attack and it liberates long balls bursting.
I gave him the role of Advanced Playmaker with the Duty of attack.

Gabriel Milito:
Last link in the program Mourinho's masterpiece is Milito.
He is the best offensive team and doing the least protection of all.
Is pretty good **** fast enough. He always sits on the shoulder of the opponent's brake, right on the line of defense, and knows perfectly out attack when he sent a long ball counterattacks. It has a great balance which allows him to change direction while dribbling perfectly, ate a lot of brake dust from it as a result.
I gave him the role of a Poacher.

Download 4231 Inter 2009-2010 Mourinho.tac from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
Nov 18, 2010
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Have you tested it on FM13? How'd it go? The ME has changed quite a bit since 2010.