Jan 21, 2011
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Hi lads.. and lasses?

Just won the prem by 1 point! Didnt win anything else though apart from the club world championship.

Ive had a takeover last season and to honest i have been abusing the 48monthly installment rule hense the high profile-ish team.

My original plans were just to replace Annan with miguel veloso (soussa sissoko gone to Liverpool)

My reason for posting is the ball ache im having trying to get a decent LB.

Every good suggestions has already moved!

Fabio from Man Utd is prob available but his stats are rubbish

im @ July 2013

Im planning on singing Rannocchia from Inter also.

My budget is 60m although 70m having sold a few bits of deadwood.

Napoli want 50m for Hamsik and Gourgruff ive just had a big of 40mil refused ¬_¬

Basically need a left back!! and any other team advice.
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what about dodo the image is to small for me evan when i click it
Dodos stats also seem rubbish? Ill enlarge it (thats what she said)

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Coentrao gone to Arsenal, ive searched loads of LB threads all the same!

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Enlarged :)
Again all look average? Who is the best outa them Nuno please?

i presume angel?
You could retrain Sakho as DL so he can cover that position and sign a quality CB or try 1 of these Aly Cissokho - Lyon , Michel Bastos - Lyon , Cheik M'Bengue - Toulouse , Juan Manuel Vargas - Fiorentina they are all good players