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2014 World Cup Logo Released


Sep 14, 2009
The 2014 World Cup emblem was launched in the South African city of Johannesburg on Thursday in a ceremony graced by FIFA president Joseph Blatter and Brazil president Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva.
The 2010 World Cup finals are almost at an end with just two more matches left. The third-place game between Uruguay and Germany will be played on Saturday and then on Sunday the Netherlands and Spain will lock horns in the final.
The 2014 World Cup finals will be held in Brazil and the emblem for the tournament was launched on Thursday. Speaking at the ceremony Blatter underlined the importance of a South American nation hosting the World Cup in four years' time.
"Brazil is the country of football. You have won the World Cup five times, but the last time you hosted the World Cup was in 1950. Football is a religion in Brazil. It's time to go back to CONMEBOL. It's time to go back to South America.
"Like here in Africa, football will join people together. Like you said, Mr. president ('Lula'), football is not just kicking the ball around. It's culture. It's life. I'm a very happy president today to launch this logo of the World Cup 2014.
"I'm convinced that the World Cup of 2014 will be successful and will bring cultural and financial growth to the country."Brazil president Lula was also present at the ceremony.
"I have to tell you about my immense joy in this moment, where we are finishing a World Cup and preparing ourselves for another.
"I have to congratulate Mr. Joseph Blatter to attend to the wishes of an exceptional Brazilian, Mr. Joao Havelange, who wanted to bring the World Cup back to Brazil. I have to say to Mr. Ricardo Teixeira that on January 1st, 2011, I won't be the Brazilian president, but I will be a Brazilian, and I'm available to help in any way I can.
"[UEFA President Michel] Platini, you dared to take Brazil out of a World Cup [1986]. But I admire you, especially for the extraordinary player that you were. [Franz] Beckenbauer, who was possibly one of the players that I most admired because of his seriousness and discipline. I consider you, after me and Pele, the best player I saw on the pitch.

"I want to congratulate South Africa for this wonderful and unforgettable World Cup. It is showing every country and continent the joy and organization of the African people. The success of the World Cup in Africa is also the dream of a great Brazilian, Mr. Joao Havelange.
"The success of our African brothers represents a challenge for us. We are learning from them so that the World Cup of 2014 is a bigger success.
"Brazilians like challenges. Be certain that we are going to make a World Cup as emotional and beautiful as the World Cup in South Africa. We are working hard for our growing economy to reflect in a beautiful tournament."
The Brazil head of State also stressed on making the 2014 World Cup an environment-friendly competition.
"We will make a green World Cup, green as our forests. Environmental sustainability will be a trademark of Brazil and the next World Cup. We want to leave a legacy to improve the quality of life of our people. We are sure that we will charm the world, like South Africa charmed us this year.
"We are passionate for sport. And we are passionate for life. But we always think that life can get better. When the final whistle blows here in Johannesburg, the ball will go to Brazil and will be received with the same love and ability we show inside the pitches."



Oct 22, 2009
Probably a lot of symbolic messages around that logo, like the shape of hands wrapping around the World, almost like they want people to come together for the tournament or something, imo it looks nice.