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Nov 17, 2010
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hey, so I'm staines town and have just been promoted to the premiership after back to back promotions. and now I've been given a £15million transfer fund. the problem is my wages is still only 80k a week(for the team not each player). I need a striker who can play alone, left back, ball winning midfielder or a left/right mid inside forward. as these are the positions I need to strengthen.
looking for either one or multiple suggestions and ill use these to see what will have the biggest effect on my team.
Try and find a decent newgen?

I haven't got this far yet so i can't be much help with real players at this point..
I agree regens are the way to go after the few first seasons.
Oh, and can't you just edit the wages/transfer budget? Still even if the board doesn't let you, there must be quite decent regens who don't want high wages anyway...
yeah that is maximum wages I can ill ask for more in a few weeks bit for now that's as good as it gets. and I'm aware regens will be the main stem of my team in a few seasons but wondered if there are other real players who develop nicely after 5 years or so.
Main problem is, at this point, many of the bargains have moved to bigger teams. I'd say look around in the Portuguese league as there are quite a few really nice players for sale on the cheap end. Greek and Croatian markets seem to have good and cheapish players as well. Else, just scout for regens when they "spawn".

Else, here's a few suggestions that have been doing well on my save:
ST: Tom de Sutter (slowpoke, but he scored a couple goals for my Belgium side, good finisher), Gianni Bruno (poacher, poacher, poacher!), Martin Galvan (someone probably snapped him already)
LB: Check if Insua's unhappy at 'pool? =p
DMC: Javi Garcia, Fernando (Porto), Mate Simao would be class, Odjidja/Lucas Biglia/Gago seem to be available on the cheap around this time
RM: Sebastian Blanco, if he hasn't been snapped up, is a BEAST.

This all depends on your budget though, some of those players would only serve you decently for a couple seasons
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