Sep 14, 2012
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The Dread
My wife has just divorced me and ran off with another man. My son ((A)) wanted his father next to him and decided to stick with me rather than heading with that ****** ******* step-dad. Well who can blame them, I have been unemployed for the past 9 years and probably my wife felt she needed a change :(. Well, the job hunt has not been kind to me, my CV only has coaching traits and nothing else, besides who would hire a **** drunkard?!
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My 12 year old Stanley certainly needs more than milk and weetabix. I know he hates them. Our house is overdue on its mortgage and debtor might show up next week. Oooh, my heads in pain, yup, just had a shot of whiskey again. I kiss my son good morning and head of to shower. 'Dad moms in there!' Yells Stanley, as I nearly take off I realized he's being cheeky. I need a change I think to myself as I walk my son to Junior Acres for his education; I need a job, hey I have coaching badges don't I. Several clubs are open for a job, I could take up a simple nearby club that offers me enough to feed and smack a smile on my sons face. I'M GOING JOB HUNTING!!!

If anyone wants to Download playable leagues in future try out this:
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The Response
My son is really trying to cover it, but I know what he is thinking, he is really trying to be brave and courageous for my sake, and trust me it's not easy if you know me. Let me just get to the point, I've sent out 3 job applications, 1. Swansea (nPower L1), 2. Notts Co (nPower ch), 3. Leicester (Barclays Prem). Guess what? No luck at all!!!

All the clubs laughed off the job interest and that hurt my feelings, I mean, I've coached Huddersfield, Swansea and co-managed Hull and yet no club takes me seriously
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'Dad, dad, dad!' called Stan with excitement. 'What is it Stan, whats the ruckus!?' I hurried down the stairs on a Tuesday late afternoon, Stan just arrived from school and as usual was surfing the net. 'Dad! Liverpool head coach has been fired! This could be your chance!' he blurted. So what I thought its not unusual for a manager to get sacked, I speak from experience. After all handling Liverpool is a tough ask indeed. 'No son, besides you of all know that Liverpool is 100 miles through London.' I was deprived of excitement and joy. Even though I have been a Liverpool rival for the past 15 years and bad experiences happened there, here we are at an mortgage demand and nowhere to go. My son deserves better than what I've been offering him, he deserves the best. Stanley's face lifted when he saw the smile creeping up on my face, 'son I'll give it a try!' He jumped up in the air and for once I was happy I was doing this, not because of the possible money income, but that my son could be happy once again.