Nov 18, 2008
Reaction score
first of all I know that the formation 4-2-3-1 and that I know most of roles but there are 3 things that is bugging me

1. The St/AMC combo i know Mesut Özil role is a advance playmaker in attack but what of the striker? ( Might sound stupid but I understanding that if the amc was in attack the cf was in support)

2. What is Mourinho's philosophy is it Rigid/Fluid?

3. I know that somtimes when Ronaldo plays on the right wing as a Inside Forward but he is always the furthest up the pitch had can you achive that on fm?
I have 2 FM solutions
I) Move Ronaldo to the FR position
II) Move the AML to the ML postion problem is you cant have the inside forward role
I'm not sure about the ST/AMC combo,but I'd say he plays a rigid/balanced philosophy
And as for the Ronaldo situation furthest up the pitch i think you'd have to play him as an Teraquista, with maximum attacking and creative freedom, and minimum closing down.