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4-1-2-1-2 - Blackpool tactics - need your advice please (kinda desperate)


May 24, 2011
Hey everyone,
i started a new season at Blackpool, now i am on my second season
the first season i ended at 13 place:

now at the second season it seams like things not changed and i have a great players
this is my tactic and all my players:

full backs - support
cb - rdoi is a stopper and bottinelli is a cover
defensive mildfield - support
lucas - deep laying playmaker - support
adam - center mildfield - auto
eriksen - advanced playmaker - support
kadlec - poacher
michael owen - target man

My team instructions:

and now i am still on the 13 place:

i have a good players at my subtitute so i don't really know if i am picking the right players to play at the first team (in my opinion i think they are)

i am getting to a lot of chances and kadlec and owen is not scoring..
i will be happy to hear your advices please.. i am kinda desperate.. :(


Patient Moderator
Mar 6, 2009
Without knowing where you go wrong ( have to look at some matches), I can spot 2 flaws

- Owen as target man-
What supply do you give him and why ?. In a Narrow Diamond, this player will struggle to find space in the center of the park. The main supply he would then be tun on to ball but as he is slow, this will not be a good option. I would not use him as a target man, just a normal advanced FC.

- Playing rather narrow in a narrow formation
Here, I would use more width so make sure that the central players get more space and that your forwards gets wider

- You say that you have a great team. Hm, you do have a better team than last year but its not great You also have to remember that many of the other teams have strengthened their squads to with class players.

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Oh, and I forgot. With so many new players, the team is not gelled enough to perform. You will have to give them another 3 months before they come together as a group