4-1-2-2-1 Triple threat by zlajo


Mar 13, 2015
Hello to everybody, sorry for my english, i'll try to be correct as possible. :)

I use to be playing fm16 with other users tactics, so i got bored. I wanted to create one of my own..
I was trynig to recreate Conte's Chelsea 3-4-3, but 3 CB did not work. After hours of modifying I settled with 4-1-2-2-1. It's been called triple threat because of threat of FB overlaps, Inside Forwards cutting inside and then throught ball, and CM who are coming in channales to score. Defence is high, and the hole team is very, very aggresive. Many cards, but that is acceptable by me (H)

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Created while playing with Fc Stewenage, and tested with As Roma. In both I had succeses.

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Half season, media prediction 16th!
With Roma in season 3, 1st place easily, SF of C. League beat by Barca lead by Alegri in 3-4-3 formation. I sad that because later I found that my tactic isn't very effective against 3CB and 2FB. Some what you can do is to set your DM to tight mark there AM, DM , or if they have 3CM one in the middle.

GK - Normal regular Gk (reflex, positioning, handling, one on one)
FB - (acc, pace, crossing, tackling)-
CB - (Jump, heading, positioning, tackling, it would be great to have and pace, acc) If league average is 16, they can have about 13, its ok.
DM - ball winning DM, with average passing. Better if he is tall but not necessary.
CM - creative and good passing (vision, passing, of ball and finishing because they are set to move in channales and have lot of CCC)
WG - pace, dribling, vision, passing, finishing
CF - tall, powerfull, speede all around strikers. (finishing, pace, acc, balance, off ball, jump, and passing would be nice)

Training and OI:

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And before match I also put on FBs or WFB show on weaker foot!
Set pieces -I coudnt figured out, so I use some from net(not very sucesfully I am affreid :mad:)
Team instructions ​cant do a screenshot, but you will see it if you choose to download it.

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