I'm testing it, it seems to be a very good tactic, I'll put ss in few minutes.
The set pieces are untouched, we must do it.
it would be nice to test it with some weaker team than Real Madrid.
mate u give us no instructions, no match prep, appropriate player attrbutes, no analysis, no posted results... I think u have to give us more details. i wont learn korean to learn more about you tactic in the link u posted... Also i've seen millions of hyper tactics for barcelonaor real madrid, which are rubbish for lower teams, like gladback or swansea... I would accept it's a remarkable tactic if u were managing a more realistic team and not real madrid, barcelona, man utd or chelsea.
i tried this and...
very mixed results. some matches i won by 5 goals, some draw, even big draws like 4-4, and some i lost, stupid lost with weaker teams than mine.
so, generally, this tactic is nothing special, but it have some potential to be good tactic - if u know how to improve defense.
now am back to Rock and The Iron Ones ;).
which match preparation do you use lechi?
defensive pos, but I'had bad results after my good start, this tactic is not very solid defensively.