4-2-3-1 Narrow - Tight Defence and Prolific Attack


Apr 12, 2010
Hello All,

I'm probably one of the most prolific tactic downloaders out there and am always eager to try people tactic's out - so firstly a big thanks to this forum for helping me learn the game, and thanks to everyone who spends time making tactics to show off to people.

I downloaded that many, and changed my mine that much - I decided the only way I was ever going to settle on a tactic was if I created my own and had a go that way - so here I am! I've created my own 4-2-3-1 Narrow formation which looks like this:

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I wanted to keep a flat back 4, have tried with a back 3 etc but it's too inconsistent. The fullbacks will support the attack, but the 2 CB's remain back and are patient in waiting for the tackle.

In front of them we have an Anchorman (DMCL) and a Deep Lying Playmaker (DMCR) - thew latter supplies quick balls out to the 2 x AMC's and Treq infront of them... all of our play is set to 'Through The Middle'.

The attacking trio are there to spread play and involve the 2 defensive midfielders to progressively play up the field... all looking for the solitary Poacher upfront.

I was going to wait till the end of the season to see how this ends up, but I've been that impressed that i wanted to create a thread now that I can build on and allow other people to try it out as I'm eager to see if it works for others as well as me!

Here's a few screenshots of matches that have caught my eye so far:

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And here's how the league currently stands:

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I'm very happy with the defence so far, we dont concede a great deal of goals at all. The one blip to this was away to man City when we got beat 4-1 in the league, so that shows how little we've conceded apart from this blip.. I figured it happens at Man City and didn't get put off and resisted the temptation to tweak even more.

Whilst it wasn't designed to be a possession based tactic, we do generally out possess the opposition, which has been one pleasing aspect.

This tactic is far from finished and I would appreciate anyone who has the time to see if it can be improved in anyway... as i'm a self confessed novice when it comes to this.


I don't use any opposition instructions.

I don't use any shouts.

I mostly let my assistant do my team talks (apart from when he recommends to say nothing after we've won?!)

My match prep has been mixed between Defensive Positioning and Attacking Movement - depending on how I'm doing... both on high.

Pitch size I use is minimum.


Finally, here's the tactic for download: 4-2-3-1 Narrow - Tight Defence & Prolific Attack (Tottenham, Dec 2011).tac

I'll be keeping this thread updated of my progress, please download and have a go if you can. Please give it a fair go if you decide to have a go and be patient with it - give it a fair few games to judge it, and if you feel that there can be improvements made then I'm all ears... this is my first attempt of any kind so I'd appreciate any kind of help that forms like this can offer.

Thanks for reading! :)
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Apr 12, 2010
How many uYou let in and how many goals your def's scored!!
In my opening post it shows the league table which shows how many has been conceded.

I use a near post corner routine that has worked for the past however many FM's... Dawson, my right sided CD has scored 10 in the league, as unrealistic as it is it helps the team score goals when there is a lull in the game which always picks my team up to score more!