Jan 18, 2012
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Heyheyhello boys and girls I desided to uploade my formula on how to play 4-3-1-2.

I wanted to try something new so I started a new game and desided to remove all the deadwood and unwanted players in first season. Rebuild and create a team of my own. As you can see i suffered from this with a poor start to the season and failed to qualify for champions league. And then later stuff started to happend and my team started to score and win matches, in the end I won Serie-A, Coppa italia and europa league! first season with about 20+ new players in my squad.

Tactic Information:
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Rearly uses em, but when im having problems finding my strikers I use this.

Pass into space, hassle opponents and Exploit the middle

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Most influential players:
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Some results:
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What you need is this:
Goalkeeper: Original shot stopper is working just fine, but a sweeper keeper is most recommended.

WBs: Need to be fast, increadible work rate and stamina, also crossing is important.

CBs: Needs to be great, BPD is slightly more tactical and creative. The original cb must be good in the air.

MCR and MCL: Need work rate, stamina and both defensive and offensive abbilityes. Look at players like Leroy fer and Kevin Prince Boateng.

MC: Great defensive abilitys good in the air and also pace is a + here.

AMC: Your playmaker your creative force of the team, the one who desides the most. He needs to be very creative and have great tactical abilitys. Look at Mesut Özil hes perfect for this position.

Strikers: Very quick, good without the ball also airial abilitys is good.


All feedback is good feedback! let me know what you think.
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