Mar 5, 2013
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Hi all

After spending multiple hours on fm 13 getting to grips with the added challenge that this years edition has provided, i have created a tactic that i am fully comfortable with (hopefully you will also |)).

A brief description of the tactic:

As shown (hopefully, all new to this; sorry) by the screenshot above this is a normal 4-3-3/4-5-1 that you would create using the tactics creator. However the idea of this tactic is to concentrate the play in the opponents half without giving them any room to play their game. The very high defensive line will force the opposition into their half and stay there. If they do win the ball back, we immediately will try to win the ball back. If that fails, it is likely that they will try to counter attack us because of the space left behind by our overlapping fullbacks and high defensive line and play a direct pass to either their wingers or forwards. To counter this weakness i have set our defensive line to play the offside trap. Because of our high defensive line the wingers/or forwards will be so deep they will have at least 30 yards or more to our goal, and players with low composure are likely to buckle under the pressure. If the opposite happens to us and we are pinned in our half, the players will attempt to play on the counter to relieve some of the oppositions pressure.


During preseason i use one week of team cohesion and one week of balanced training alternating until the season starts, then continue with balanced and average workload. For match preparation in preseason i have the bar full to the left, when the tactics are fluid i have the bar half way down.

Opposition Instructions i leave to my assistant manager and the only shout i use is get ball forward.

I will update this post if i have forgotten anything. Any thoughts or changes that you would make please share as i know this tactic might not be finished just yet.

p.s Apologies for screenshots being on from my steam profile only.
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Mate, the screenshots that you've posted here cannot be clicked, that's the problem :) the click only works with the attached tactic file, not the screenshots.
Ok i think i solved the problem with the screen shots. The link at the bottom of the post should take you to my profile and you can view the screenshots there (fingers crossed).