Oct 10, 2013
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Has anyone got a tactic that's modelled after how Liverpool under Klopp, or Man City under Guardiola, play? I'm having zero success replicating their style of play and getting good results.
Try the 3 forwards to be strikers in CF with one usually the middle one on Support the others on Attack. I use 3 CM's 1 BWM, 1 AP and 1 DLP. With Arsenal 10 games 9 wins 1 draw. First Season.
I tried last night the following combination : 2 DLF with support duty (one on the left and one on the right) and one AF in the middle. I am lucky to have wingers with good finishing and passing and it worked great for me . Managed to beat Bayern with 6 goals to nothing and moved on to the next round of the ECL although I had lost the first game with 2-0 (were my tactic was a wide 4-2-3-1). If you want I can provide you with more details since it is a very easy tactic to build.