Nov 3, 2010
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Hello guys,

on my Tottenham save i'm using 4-4-1-1, with Target man(attack) and Teraquista . .
Tactic is not too attacking, its pretty balanced.

Tactic is working great, in 7 games 7 wins, 16 scored 1 conceded . . BUT
Problem is that they don't score goals the way i want them to:p, i want for wingers(bale/dzsudzsak - Lennon/bentley/dos santos) to come forward and cross the ball to target man(dzeko) for easy header . . but that doesn't happen . .

I have set cross aim to target man, but either cross fails or ball is too much ahead of dzeko, so he cant reach it . .

So, i need advice on that matter, i want to have more goals scored by dzeko with head. .

Philosophy Fluid
Strategy Control
More disciplined
Press more
Man marking and Float Crosses
Passing, tackling and roaming are set to default.

I don't use primary playmaker but i do use target man, and supply set to Head.

Here are player roles:

GK - Goalkeeper defend
FB - Fullback support (little tweaked to be more defensive)
CD - CD Defend(default)
CM - 1deeplyingPM, 1ball winner
M L/R - winger attack(also tweaked a little bit)
Attacking mid(attack) and Targetman upfront( att mid being behind target man, it's 4411...)

Now won 8 games, heres latest

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Maybe push the wingers up to form a 4-2-3-1 so they're in a better position to cross ?

Yeah, but i really want it to be 4-4-1-1 :p, . .
It's possible your wingers have "Cut Inside" as a PPM, if so, get them to unlearn it. On top of that, add "Dribble down ___ flank". Reducing some of the wingers' creative freedom might work...
Im probably not the best person to ask because i can never get wide players to work as out and out wingers, i just dont know how to play, im more of a possession man tbh
But, maybe play 2 upfront because you only really have crouch challenging for headers as VDV is little. Also, id play Gareth Bale as Wide midfielder - attack because that (stats wise) is his best role, he'll also play more Beckham-esque, wipping balls in which should help ?
- yeah, i know that for bale, but i have dzsudzak as too, and they perform well as wingers both, that is not the problem, im scoring goals, just not the way i want to :D
I see couple of problems with your approach.

- Why float crosses when playing with target man? It's obvious that he can't reach balls sent to far post.
- Success of this and similar formations heavily depends on cooperation between AMC and lone striker, so in my opinion better option will be to play Dzeko as complete forward, support duty (you may put him in target man box).
- Aim your passing down the flanks.
You do not want to use Dzeko in a support role because then he will just drop deep and Dzeko and the trequartista will just take each others space.