4-4-2, 156goals, undefeated, all cups won.


Nov 9, 2010
I just wanted to say that this started as a tweak of Shima's Tweak of Clash's 442. I have changed it and not sure how much it resembles the original tactic, but both of them laid the ground work from which it was built.

It also uses Corners and Throw In's from Tff and Rego respectively.

Getting the most out of the tactic/s and in my opinion every tactic.

- Fit Players
- 2 players For Every Position
- Perfect Morale
- Good Team Talks
- Switch Tactic if not working/Demand more.

1. Fit players.

I generally only play players above 90% fit. Which is why the second point is important.

2. Two players for every position.

You want to aim for 2 players every position, so 4 strikers, 4 wingers, 4 centre mid's, 4 centre backs and 4 cwb's. This is important for rotation, injuries and out of form players. I don't have anymore players than that, as it gets annoying as x players wants more game time ect. I have only 21 players as I don't have a second goalkeeper- I'm a little insane that way.

You also want to be able to bring on players as substitutes with the skill to be able to affect the game.

3. Perfect Morale.

It's hard to gain any traction with any tactic without the best possible morale, play the friendly's win them, boost your teams morale by saying what will increase there morale at least early on.

4. Good team Talks.

I find this hard, as one moment one particular talk doesn't do anything and another it results in a 5-0 second half. I've had game where I was up 10-0 in the first half and gone on to score zero goals in the second.

Generally, I go with prove a point or nothing to start, and then don't get complacent, or unhappy at half time depending on the result at the time.

5. Switch Tactics/Demand more.

So, there are two tactics one I usually use when I'm the favourite or at home 4-4-2-high, and then low for everything else. If you are not having success with one tactic in a game switch to the other.

Here is a really good thread from Chrissy Dude. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm19-tactics/379780-dyj.html

Here is a really good example champions league final

I started with the high tactic( should have started with the low tactic), went 1-0 down and was losing in the chances created early on, I switched to the Low tactic as soon as I realised and managed to get a goal back and then scored 4 more in extra time.

-Demand more. I use it often, if I'm down or if I want more goals.

My goal for this tactic is to score 200 goals in a premier league season, which works out to be 5.2 goals per game. I finished with 4.1. In my defence I didn't make the change with the low tactic till later in the season.

Also, while I have a very very good team, there are better players out there and they are not all at their peak age yet, So I'm confident it can be done.

To score 200 goals, you need to win every game( I only won 32) or at the very least have very high scoring draws and you need to score 10+ goals in a game multiple times in a season to balance out the games where you just can't score. I only broke 10+ once this season.

How Do The Players Perform?

Outstanding, It's hard to say who are the most important players as previously in other saves where I have played with other teams I would have said the wingers but it's hard to look past the strikers in this example, as one had 59 goals in 53 apps, and the other had 54 in 40 apps not to mention they also had the the highest ratings.

One thing I really like is that everyone scores goals, I had 9 players score 10+ goals and 2 of those 10 score 50+. As far as who you should buy for your team it's really just as simple as the best player you can, ideally you want them to great offensive stats but that's not always possible.

My wingbacks in this team are more of the the defensive mindset. Jonas Erikson and Guiseppe D'Addario, however Arne Nijs played a lot of games as wingback and his offensive stats are much better.

In central midfield, Ideally you want well rounded players with long shots being a bonus.

The last screenshot is of one of the wingers who I didn't play enough and that was a mistake on my part. One note is that I'm unsure if they are best played on the opposite flank because if you do they seem to cut in more and score more goals. If you are only able to find to amazing right wingers I'd buy them over 1 amazing right winger and 1 average left winger.

Just get the best players you can.

Try and Find and really good penalty taker and freekick taker as it will add goals to the team, you will get a lot of penalties and dangerous freekicks.

Don't change the taker. (credit TTF)
- ML takes left corner
- MR takes right corner

Throw in’s
The pyramid style works, don’t **** about with it. (credit Rego08)
- DL should take the left throw-ins
- DR should take the right throw-ins

Opposition Instructions-
Yes, Leave to assistant. It seems to work better with them.


Here is a view of the tactic. The only difference is the line of engagement it seems to make a big difference.

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Apr 11, 2012
i want to see ur league table, where you said you scored 200 goals plus.....and i want to see how much you conceded?!....


Jun 22, 2016

Both the high and low tactics are the same, must be something wrong there.
Wouldn't mind testing these out properly but need to know which one I've d/l


Oct 30, 2015

Both the high and low tactics are the same, must be something wrong there.
Wouldn't mind testing these out properly but need to know which one I've d/l
Both are different, the only difference seems to be though is the height of the defensive line