Lee Dennis

May 28, 2011
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Hi guys just wondering if there is a 4-4-2/4-2-4 tactic that is half decent that isn't in classic mode. I have tried making one but I am hopeless just can't seem to get the balance right and always lose too many. I know there is the modern warfare tactic but I was hoping there was one with an aml and amr instead of a mr and ml

Many thanks in advance
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As an answer, well it would depend on the strengths and weaknesses of your team. If you are playing with Reading, then this might actually be a good formation to use at home as it in the end might see you get more points per game ( wining and loosing rater than drawing) but when away, it will be suicide. If playing with Man U, then it might just be a formation that is too attacking, too many players sitting in the lap of the defenders instead of stretching the opponents defence by playing patient with lots of movement from deep etc.

So, in the end, It will depend on your team
Cheers pal didn't realise I had put it in the wrong place as well so thanks for moving it