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Feb 28, 2013
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Hi guys.

I've made this tatics and im using a low team and it works well, so I wish it can work to a med/strong team too.

As you can see im using Midtylland.

That's my result for now.

I know ive some loss but i was playing with high team in Euro like Naples and PSV, but as you can see I dont loss for like 4-0 or 5-0 but just 1-0.

View attachment 315346

That's the tatic:
View attachment 315347

( im Italian so sorry the italian write )
Btw thee's

Style: Fluid
Strategy: attack ( CHANGE IT TO CONTROL and use Attack if u are losing away. )
Passes: Short
More creatity
More pressing
Zone marking
Morbid cross
More movement.

You need two fast and with a good pace wingback ( Ter in the tatics ) and passes.
Normal full back. They have default settings.
A good one defensive midfielder, he's your playmaker. Ive Albaek who have all 14 in passes skills.
Another two difensive midfielder, one with a good aggressevity,pace and tackle. ( Inc in the tatics )
And the CC with a good head shoot, passes and ball contol.
Due advanced midfielder with good shoot,passes,dribbling and run.
And the PA ( advanced striker ) its on default settings.

ALL player have short passes.
U will see 7 player attacking and 9 player defending.

General Training on:
Ball control

Pre-game training
Team play

View attachment 315352

Thats my striker table for now:
View attachment 315348

And one of my " T " :

View attachment 315349

View attachment 315350

Play out defence
Pass to feet
Play narrower
Exploit the middle

View attachment 315351

If u wanna try that and give me good result, I will be so happy hehe.
I hope u can use it aswell.