Jul 24, 2013
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Are there any good 4-6-0 formations? I'm Bayern Munich and would like to use Mario Gotze as the 'false nine'.

I would try a 451 with the FC as a False ten( infront of the false nine) instead as it s formation much easier to react amd adapt to what is happening on the pitch

( will keep searching the forum for you for the 460 )
4-3-3 but instead of a striker use it as an AMC. I've tried doing something like this with PSG with decent success (won CL once in 3 years & completely dominated Ligue 1 which is easy to do regardless).


All Forwards in Attack mode
AP and DLP are in support (Dont set a playmaker --- want both MCs to take turns and incorporate each other when in possession)
DM in defense but this depends on who versatile this player is (usually uncheck the hold up ball so that DM gives the ball up quick)
One FB in attack and one in support (also use WBs if thats what you have)
One of the CBs should be cover and the other be a stopper (the BPD is crucial for quick counters)

As for sliders, it depends on what players you have, but Standard usually works well.