Jul 18, 2010
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Hi, been trying to get this tactic working for a while now can't seem to do it i am Millwall and i just can't seem to win any games.

Help with roles and team instructions please i want a tactic that will use a AMC and wingers.
I used that tactic for a while with OM. It is good but it requires quality players. Basically what I did is this:
Balanced scheme with mixed passing, default pressing, zonal marking, normal def line and normal width(not wide cuz you will leave too much space between ML/MR and DM). Set crossing to drill if your strikers are short or mixed if they are decent in the air.
ML is a wide midfielder with support duty(all the necessary attributes, good strength is a plus, he should hold up ball and make overlaps with left wingback), supported by a left wingback on support duty. The wide midfielder is crossing deep at far post.
MR is a winger with attack duty, supported by a fullback with defend duty. The fullback is crossing deep at far post.
AMC is adv playmaker with support duty(manually set his creativity to high in order to make him more unpredictable).
FCL is a deeplying striker(or a complete one) with support duty.
FCR is a complete fwd with attack duty.
DM is a def midfielder with defend duty.
CBs are either general centrebacks, supported by sweeper-keeper on defend duty. You might try cover centreback at CBR and stopper at CBL with general goalkeeper since sweeper-keepers are very rare.

I got good results with that tactic but it would be nice if someone knows how to optimize it even more.
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