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I did a simple test on Premier League with MUTD, in vacation and this is what i get.
8thd place with 10 losses and 11 draws and only 17 wins.
Good offense and awfull defense opened the way out of the manager, yes i got fired.o_O
Check by yourself :rolleyes:


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Yeah when I holidayed it has been bang average. Its why I never put holiday sim results through a lot of the years as its generally like a different game completely.

I've had rubbish holiday tactics smash it in the past when I've managed, and great holiday tactics be whack for me. Funny old game!
how did you get on in the 1st season with this tac??
how did you get on in the 1st season with this tac??

Won the league, FA Cup Final, CL Semis and binned off the league cup as who cares. Its like every FM, that first season is always the toughest, then things properly click in the second.