Additional information: in order to accurately replicate Pep's tactics, a few tactical blocks are replicated.

Attacking block: 2-3-5
Defensive block: 4-1-4-1

You'd find yourself controlling the game and dictate possession against all opponents. Most of the opposition goals are unorganized counter attacks, which are also commonly observed in City games. Meanwhile, your team would score a lot from both open plays and set pieces in an organized manner.
Ran a quick holiday test until 15 november.

I gotta say, you are right about this being a possession based tactic.

As of 15th november
Leeds (16th in the table)
15gp 3w 5d 7l....14p
53% possesion, 3rd in the league in comp pass, 89% pass (6th in the league)
24 scored, 27 conc
Higest rating Sinisterra 7.14 in 16
Lowest Llorente 6.72 in 16

Not excellent, not too bad. Would probably do a bit better with a human manager and perhaps a proper number 9.

Lyon (3rd in the table)
14w 3d 3l
62% possession (1st in the league), 89% (1st in the league), 1st in the league in completed passes
31scored 17 conceded
Highest rating Aouar 7.38 in 14 games
Lowest Lukeba 6.90 in 14 games

Not by any stretch an AMAZING result but very good. Some great numbers in there considering PSG is in the mix. Lacazette got 14 goals in 14 games, so there is potential to be a very deadly no 9 up front.

Feyenoord (3rd in the league)
13sp 0d 4l...............27points
31scored, 12conceded
65% possession (1st in the league), 90% (1st), 2nd most comp passs in the league
High rat Gimenez 7.35 in 19 games
low rat Bijlow 6.98 in 19 games

Again, not an amazing over achieving result but a very strong one. Striker Gimenez got 17 goals in 19 games.

Lazio (3rd in the league)....28p
13gp 9w 1d 3l
27 scored, 12 conceded
63% possesion, most comp passes in the league, 91% passing
High rat Luis Alberto 7.38 in 18 games
lowest Lazarri with 6.93 in 18 games

Immobile with 15 goals in 13 games.

Well, its impressive to have a possession heavy tactic that also is able to get a lot of goals. Really liking this tactic. Good work!