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i can never download your tactics can anyone help me. it doesnt download as a proper file
first 5 friendship match.. Bad football


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first 5 friendship match.. Bad football
That said, it's a bit reductive. After 5 games, the fact that it didn't work well could depend on many factors... which players did you use, if the players learned the tactics, if you used the three tactics as I explain in the video, if you followed the matches or if you went on vacation.... of course if you were looking for a buggy tactic that made you win 5 games in a row as soon as you put it on, it's definitely not the tactic for you...
after 5 match it didnt work really. What it happend =?


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Thank's a lot @themaiden83 very very good tactic!
Here some screens with results and how was going the season!


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this tactic is a bomb, I'm testing it, I'll post some results soon :eek: 💣
Hello, so tactic is old but i testing a lot of tactics from this forum with Brentford. This tactic is the best right now in my game.

Brentford first season (all game normal play, no holiday)

A lot of lose is away games but still this is Brentford so I'm happy with the final results.
Ivan Toney 32 matches and 26 goals.
Mikkel Damsgaard (RM in this tactic) 34 games and 14 assist.

In the 2 season I have good start, when I finish this i will post some results.