Jan 7, 2010

I won't be posting a lot of pictures for this post. I know we're at the very EOL for FM16 so I'll just post a simple post for people to try the tactic if they want to. If there are any questions I'll try an answer them.

Just a simple post to share my 442 I cooked up to utilize one inside forward while still playing a balanced 442-ish tactic. Works wonders for my beloved Man Utd using Martial/Depay as IF's on the left side.

The tactic is based on Zyndars DC-"The Haka" with the added idea of an IF that Vanco2 introdused me to. Credit to the both of them. Some tweaks have been done to set-pieces, defensive line, tackling etc..

Tested with Man Utd and Dortmund, no lower league teams (I will not be testing it with lower league teams, so I already admit I have no idea how it performs for such teams). I can say it's been very good for the two teams I've tried it with.

There are two ballwinning midfielders in the centre of the pitch, MCL is more defensive than MCR.

Your MCR is set to receive most corners and should have good rating for long shots. (Pogba a beast here)

MR and AML takes corners.

After tactic is fluid I use Balanced/average and def.position training.

That's it really. No fuzz, people in this forum know how to get tactic fluid etc etc.. If you have a question just ask.

Feedback on how it works for you is much appreciated.

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