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451 terminator - ANOTHER tweak of lisa's FM 20.4(4-3-3)@Terminator@ by lisa 2020-05-01

But dont you think that 6 games is too short ?
Or you had test with different saves ?
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Just ran a test with Newcastle on holiday, only signed Edouard from Celtic
Great at home, distinctly average away but can be down to Newcastles squad

Did Newcastle get new finace update ??

Had 16m at start

Just been taken over in the summer, they bought Beltran for me then gave me 55m to spend

Currently 7th, scraped through group stages w1 d4 l1 in CL group consisting of PSG, Atletico and Leverkusen

This is new squad

S1 - 3rd
S2 - 5th - CL and new players
S3 - 2nd at present, through group of death of CL

Built a side purely on British players also so not even bought "the best"

Prefer this to the 5-4-1 but again need a plan if behind. Been "FM'ed" alot more as well but overall good and progressive.