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Sep 16, 2005
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Well we rarely have something to buzz about so here goes


Best ive ever seeen Scotland play, I dotn think ive ever seen Scotland dominate a team before.

Boyds finishing was class

Burkes first goal was amazing

McFaddens holding up of the ball, abaility to skin people, goal and his freekick were amense

Fletcher, I know I **** the **** of him but what a game, best vie ever seen him play, but to be fair to him he always plays greta for Scotland.
was just about 2 start a thread on this.

Anyway I was listening 2 it on the radio at work. Wee Burkey with a double, & Boyd excellent news. First time two players have made their debut for scotland and scored a pair each.
It's only fitting that they be Rangers players. :p

We've done well 5-1 is a brilliant score, everyone has done well and I hope this kind of form carries on into the Japan game.:)
Its especially good seeing as Bulgaria just beat Japan 2-1.
Aye, we could actually win something :D

P.S- did u put a mad wee tune on this tread?
Great game. Fletcher did play amazing today along with the rest.
Wow scotland were good, playing like arsenal im shocked
yup, sat the whole game with a stiffy
It also looks good for Scotland's future considering that their youth team is doing well at the U19 championships. But, the only match I did watch was the 1 against Spain where they lost heavily! They are in the final now facing Spain again so who knows - Scotland to win the 2014 W/C??? :yikes: But, are Scotland only doing good because they have sent a stronger team than some countries such as say If England wanted to enter but there younger players were playing U21 and even Full internationals, mabey Scotland have been wise and made sure they have kept there players back to do well in these comps? Imagine if Rooney would have played U19/21 football :D Would have been good.
It wasnt a strong team, like every other nation if they are good enough we promote them.

None of the team were regulars for their SPL clubs which says it all and yet they done so well
Congratulations Scotland!! Good to see that!! I hope you guys do beat Japan even though i am pro-Asia now. My mother-in-law is an Australian of Scottish descent. Last year i went with her and my wife to Bundanoon is Brigadoon festival down here in the NSW Southern Highlands, and we had haggis, that stone lifting conest with the strongest men competition, Caber Toss, sword fighting, some sort of kidney throwing or lung tossing or something of that kind, as a Fin, a swedish descented Fin....and a viking descent.....who migrated to scotland....(invated) i feel a little scottish and having a qtr scottish wife, Scotland plays a part in my heart. So.........Go Scotland for 2010 qlf and 2014 winners of the WC, after Finland and Australia that is. oh yeah.....2008 Euro.....and any friendly or qlfier in between. Go Hibs! Don't judge me!