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Feb 26, 2013
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What's up everybody, this is my first tactic I have ever posted, so it's probably not the greatest but I won the double (Serie A and Coppa Italia) in my first season with my favorite club, Napoli. I have done a lot of different saves with Napoli, and because I don't like Walter Mazzarri and his tactics, I always tried to convert the team into a super attacking 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 squad. I would score a ton of goals, especially with Cavani, but I would concede too much and at the end of the year I would always be a good 10 points behind Juventus at least. Thus, I decided that to compete in Serie A on a consistent basis and give Juve a run for their money I would have to utilize a tactic that was stronger defensively. This is that tactic.

Basically a lot of this tactic (specifically, the idea of using pacey wingbacks to attack as well as defend) is derived from this one that I found on this forum. However, I believe I changed enough to make the formation my own.

Players Needed:
Napoli is really ideal for this formation based on the players they have

Defenders: One stopper, One normal defender, and one Ball playing defender to play from the back. Big strong guys work well, and I sold Pandev to buy Astori who is perfect for the BPD role.

Wingbacks: Like in the formation I linked, the wing backs are probably the most important aspect of the formation. Zuniga and Armero especially are ideal for this role, as they have pace, crossing ability, and are good enough at defending to provide sufficient cover in the back. Armero was tied for the league lead in assists during the year, giving you an idea of how important this position is.

Midfielders: Another critical part of the formation, 3 different midfielder roles provide a very good balance of attacking and defending. Inler isn't necessarily the best DLP, but he's great at winning the ball deep, is a good enough passer to initiate attacks and has great long shots. Hamsik is the ideal AP in my opinion, equally adept at scoring goals and creating chances. Behrami is also an amazing BWM, who breaks up attacks and gives the ball up to either Inler or Hamsik.

Strikers: Probably the most straightforward, Cavani is obviously one of the best strikers in the game, and you're going to want someone like him as your poacher: big, strong, fast, and great at finishing. Insigne is one of Italy's brightest young talents and can score as well as assist Cavani.

Sorry if that was really long winded, and again this is my first formation so if I left anything out let me know and I'll be sure to add it in.

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