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5th team from San Marino has qualified for CL - bug?


Dec 5, 2019
Hi, I am managing Juvenes Dogana in Sammarinese league and at the start of the new season I have realised that apart from my team, another team from San Marino (Cailungo) has entered Champions League qualifications. In champions first preliminary round! That wouldn't be a problem if San Marino league wasn't on the 22nd position in European rankings and if Cailungo hadn't finished 5th last year. Everything else is normal, we have entered CL first qualifying round and the next three teams have entered Conference league 2nd qualification round.


Standings last season​

Prel round.jpg

Qualifications this year​

I'm not sure if this is a bug or there is actually some crazy explanation for this. I hope someone can help clarify this!