May 16, 2010
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I've played 6 games so far w default Newcastle team and it has been an injury prone start. My players pick up injuries so often. How can I go the situation?

I have most of my players learning ppm to suit the style of my play and also to focus on a specific stat to improve them. Is this definitely the reason or just bad luck?
First, you should make sure their training levels aren't heavy or that the player themselves is not unhappy with their workload. This is sometimes the cause. Also playing lower level teams can be a cause because they aren't as clean in their tackling. Make sure your players are fit going into a game too. From experience when i play a "healthy" player with lower than 80% fitness they seem to always get injured. I don't know about physio's having to do with anything, but i like having a good one anyways, it makes me feel better. :p
Also, all of this could be perfect and your are just on a run of badluck.

Goodluck with your newcastle save. Mine become corrupt this morning in year 2020 :(