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60 Potential Stars!


Jun 21, 2010
I know this isn't strictly the right place, but fm-base seems to have merged a lot of the forums (old member) so this place seemed to be the more appropriate.Hey, hey!i am going to be doing an ongoing project (because i always enjoyed playing in the editor) adding players to this marvelous game. in this installment there are 60 new 16 year olds with the "promising" tag next to their position, as in, they have the potential to be a wonder-kid. have run several simulations to see how they act (me being unemployed, sim a year, check up on them) i did this 3-4 times starting from scratch to see if there is a change in how they progress.. and indeed there is!Some go on to be a must have player whilst others drift off into obscurity and each time it was different players who excelled or fell off the map, which was a nice finding, indeed! I also used the regen face pack created by "Rowan" as i rather like his work, so credit to him for that. I decided on using a face pack as most people use a player face pack and i wanted the new players to sort of "ease" in and bring almost a sense of realism, you'll also find each picture is different, to add a sense of variety too.Here are just a very small handful of the players in this database:this database contains 60 youngsters, 20 from the uk, brazil and germany... and yes, in later releases i will be covering different nations :pThe download comes in a "rar" format, so you will need either winrar or 7zip. The rar file contains the following:
60 Potential Stars databaseFace pack60 Potential Stars Shortlist
all you have to do to install this is to firstly download from the link below, open the rar file then place the "iota-100" folder into the "graphics" folder, then place the "60 potential stars.slf" file into the "shortlists folder and finaller the 60 Potential Stars.dbc" file into the "editor data" folder. Then start a new game, go to preferences, untick the cache button then reload the skin.I hope you enjoy it and i hope they serve you well or make you suffer (6)