Nov 11, 2012
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It's here, It's finally here probably the biggest challenge in FM history. I've done this before but the database always ends up corrupt due to the addition league not being structured properly but have spending a whole day, yes a whole day sorting each individual league that i can manage in I've finally cracked the code and there's no reason why they will become corrupt. I always like having two games going at once my Manchester United game will still be going.

What is A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H?
I will be going to every league possible around the world and winning the top league in each nation alphabetically, I have installed various additional leagues to give me more options. This game wont end until about 2090 and i have plenty of challenges to do. When i add the manager he will be set at Sunday League Footballer so by time i get to the big nations my rep will hopefully be World Class. One more thing, it doesn't matter which nation i decide to manage first as long as it begins with the letter "A" and i cannot go onto the next letter until all the leagues titles are won in that specific letter. Some of you may be wondering how the **** do i run all these leagues? Simple, i only add the nations from "A" at the start, and every time i win a league title they then get removed and once I'm onto the last "A" nation i then add all the "B" nations making the game relatively quick all the time! Follow me on this journey and enjoy! and just so you know the updates will be more in depth, more writing but i only update season by season.

There is a total of 114 nations.

The nation list

Albania - Achieved with KS Elbasini 2014/15
Antigua & Barbuda
American Samoa
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Costa Rica
Chinese Taipei (China PR)
El Salvador
East Timor
Faroe Islands
FYR Macedonia
Hong Kong (China PR)
Ivory Coast
Macau (China PR)
Northern Ireland
North Korea
Papua New Guinea
San Marino
South Africa
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Trinidad & Tobago
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The "A" Journey Begins




Algeria - Africa
Afghanistan - Asia
Australia - Asia
Albania - Europe
Andorra - Europe
Armenia - Europe
Austria - Europe
Azerbaijan - Europe
Antigua & Barbuda - Caribbean
American Samoa - Oceania
Argentina - South America


KS Elbasani

The Job Offer
Here we go guys, I've been offered a contract at KS Elbasani and luckily for me I did quite well in Albania the last time i was here so I kinda no what to expect, never the less it's with a whole different team and baring in mind I'm in the 2nd division so winning the 2nd division will mean nothing i have to win the first division so hopefully get promoted and get offered a job at a decent club in division one, I'm loyal to no club!!

Who are KS Elbasani?
Soooo who am i dealing with? Least they've been around longer than any of us on this site was born so that's a bonus, my new home is the Ruzhdi Bizhuta stadium and by the looks of it i won't be producing any Theo Walcotts with these training and youth facilities. Elbasani have had there fair share of success though it seems.

What rank in the world is the Albanian 2nd Division?
So I'm in a league equivalent to the BSN/BSS which is a little bit of relief so it's not too bad, still it's going to be a long journey.

How are there finances?
Believe it or not they look pretty good, i no it's not a lot to work with but the majority of the players i sign will be free transfers as it's impossible to get a loan in this division, and i actually have a transfer budget. Woooooo.

Information on the club
Some information coming at you, we have no legends, no rivals and no icons. I'm in for a exciting season by the looks of it I'm still valued at £400k though so not too bad and I have 600 season ticket holder, guwan Elbasani.

The Squad
Here are the Elbasani's!! That Nigerian guy must have a real language barrier seeing as all the other guys are Albanian but my assistant is rating him at 1 and half star and that's good for this league.. I play the same tactic as i do on every FM game i play so any players that play DM, AMC or WBL/R will unfortunately get released.

The League
I don't expect any of you to know any of these teams but the last time i did this challenge i started at Grashmi and finished 7th then got promoted the following season, I know it's kind of sad but i fell in love with them i was actually tempted to go at watch them in real life, no joke.

Lets have some history
As you can see where like the Manchester United of Albanian football, frickin awesome. We've got some trophies to our name at least.
Good luck mate, like the layout. Are u holidaying matches? Or playing them yourself? Cheers

KS Elbasani

So the first season has arrived and here we go, my journey into the unknown. I have played in Albania before so I'm hoping the experience gets me promoted because i know the style of football they play so they i can use my tactics, wish me luck.

Squad at the start of the season
So this is my squad after my transfers, I'm actually pretty confident. Like i told you i sold/released most of my the players that play in the positions i don't like but yea, the squads looking pretty good. My assistant thinks there all the next big thing judging by the stars!

Transfers at the start of the season
Here is a run down of the transfers at the start of the season 9 players in and 6 players out, I managed to make 60k with the transfers out so gave me some extra cash to get some players in the positions i needed, So excited about Darda Rugova he was absolutely class in this league on the last Albanian game i did, he's the next big thing!

Finances at the start of the season
The finances are still pretty strong despite spending some money this summer, i know it's only 44k i spent but that's a lot of money for a team like this. I've still got £700 left in the wages too so if this seasons not going to well i could always see who's available in January.

My key player for the season
I was torn between Dardan Rugova and this guy, i decided to go with this guy Endri Dalipi the center midfielder will be bossing it out there for me all season i think i decided to go with experience more than youth he looks a pretty good player and the assistant rates him higher than anyone else!

Fixtures Part 1
Fixtures Part 2
Here are the fixtures for the whole season

Final league table
Here is the final league table and **** I'm absolutely delighted the season was such a good one and finishing champions in a bonus! The last time i was in Albania was with Gramshi and it was a struggle but now i see why they did absolutely awful so it's a good job i delayed some of the offers until a new job came along ELBASANI! ELBASANI! ELBASANI!

Squad at the end of the season
A very, very good season for most of the player most of them finishing above 7.0 rating which is fantastic the striker was phenomenal, obviously the league above is a mile apart difference so I'll have to bring in some quality players if i have any chance of survival.

Key player of the season
This picture talks for it's self and i don't like to brag but i told you so!!! He's absolutely class. 25 league goals and a rating of 7.50 and he's only 22 years old so he's got some years left in the Albanian football world yet!

Finances at the end
Not too shabby at all only lost 70k odd but my bank balance will not suit the next division at all there not going to offer me anything!
Looking forward to this! :D I managed Elbasani, do you have a 32-year old striker called Dorian Bylykbashi? if you do, he is TOO good for the 2nd division, and also probably the First Division, he is ageing but use him before he starts to decline, anyways good luck!

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw that you sold him. :p

KS Elbasani

So the second season has arrived and I'm now in the Albania top division, i have no idea how it's going to go if I'm honest there's a lot of good teams but i won the league last season so I'm pretty confident if i make a few good signings i can stay up at least and then push higher the season after but you never know.

Season expectations?
So here is my season expectations and there pretty good, I always do well with the wages and I've got quite a lot to play with so hopefully bring a few decent signings in with it, but i won't get any exciting players so don't expect huge signings!

Squad at the start of the season
Sorry about the arrangement of the squad, i was just checking the highest value player at my club. Anyway I'm quite confident of doing pretty well, I've been looking at some other clubs in the league and the team that finished 1st last season there highest valued player is like 80k so not a huge difference in it at all, by the way this is my squad after the transfers.

Transfers at the start of the season
Heres the transfers, not many in and not many out but I don't want to get a full new squad and it takes them a while to gel i need to win as many games as possible to stay up! To be honest non of the player stand out there just all a little bit better than my previous players, not sure how the season will go!

Finances at the start of the season
Here is my finances after all the signings and just before the start of the season, still pretty good and only -15k in the bank but I'm getting 3k crowd at home and my wage budget is fantastic so I'm hoping a good cup run and some good attendances and the bank balance should improve.

My key player for the season
My key player was once again Endri Dalipi, he did so well last season in midfield and i hope he can step it up in the top league.

Fixtures Part 1
Fixtures Part 2
Here are the completed fixtures for the whole season

Final league table
Here is the final league table and to be honest with you i did not expect this at all and **** I've qualified for the Europa League, but i doubt I'll have no chance at all but never the less my rep for the club would have improved being in Europe so next season i may be able to bring in some better players, I'm sticking with Elbasini until i win the league, I finished 3rd!!!! It's just going to be hard knocking Vllazina from the top but I'm confident i can do it in the next two seasons!

Squad at the end of the season
A awesome season once again for the players with some amazing average ratings but i definitely will be looking for two new keepers next season and obviously a new AMR will be needed after my best player as decided to join a team that finished 8th, what a idiot.

Key player of the season
My key player in the end was Domeniko Ibrahimi, the center back was absolutely awesome throughout the whole season he was the highest rated on the average rating than any other player and i need to tie him down on a new contract as it runs out this next season.

Finances at the end
Only lost 25k this season which is a lot better than last season but I don't think I'll have any money to play with at all next season!
great run! I bet you can get the league in the next season. problem is, will any argentinian club sign u if you haven't managed in any big nations?

KS Elbasani

Here we go my third long season in Albania! Being in the Europa league will bring me some money in regardless if I'm here or not next season so next season i will have the money to bring in better players, that's if i don't win the league this year but I'm looking forward to my 3rd season in Albania, a great finish last season is spurring me on to get this league completed!

Season expectations?
My expectations have been delivered to my inbox and I'm not impressed at all, no money to spend on transfers what so ever! OK, I'm not looking forward to the season. Then again I'm doing well with the wages so it looks like I'll be raiding the free transfer market all summer.

Squad at the start of the season
So this is my squad at the start of the season after my transfers, I'm worrying about my wingers there was only players 17 and below and quite frankly there not very good at all, I'll see how they get on this season and may have to keep checking the market for new wingers.

Transfers at the start of the season
So as you can see quite a lot of activity this season with a total of 14 players in and 14 players out, I decided to go for the fresh approach and change it around a little bit keeping only the players that really impressed me last season, i hope to god i don't screw it up.

Finances at the start of the season
My finances now and boy have they rocketed bearing in mind these are the finances after the Europa games which obviously the qualifying rounds start a lot earlier before the friendlies and season start, i wish i had this money at the start and i could of had some money to play with!

My key player for the season
My key player this season is the key player of last season in Domeniko, he was absolutely solid last season and I'm hoping he does the same this year.

Fixtures Part 1
Fixtures Part 2
Here are the completed fixtures for the whole season

Final league table
Here is the final league table and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, i was so nervous on the last game of the season and i ****** lost 3-0, i don't know what was going through my mind because i didn't know if it would come down to points, just look how many teams are in the mix for the top spot, absolutely crazy but guess what, GOODBYE ALBANIA.

Squad at the end of the season
Here is my squad at the end and they are all freakingggg legends, what a season from the 2nd league and now to playing in the Champions League next season, it's a shame i cant guide them into the group stages, oh wait :p

Key player of the season
My key player in the end was Dardan Rugova, I'm being serious now if any of you ever play in the Albanian league make sure you sign him on a 5 year contract and i mean never let him go, i say again never let him go he's a absolute beast, maybe not for Europe but in that league he's fantastic.

Finances at the end
It's safe to say I've not destroyed the club and I've left them in a good position, your Welcome KS Elbasini and goodnight!

Toofan Harirod

The Job Offer
So here we go i applied for my next club and sadly i got offered the job i had to take it as there was nothing else out there and the club is called Toofan Harirod who play in Afghanistan, yes you heard me correctly Afghanistan.. The joys of Afghani football, I'll be honest with you I'm absolutely dreading it and you will understand why if you read below. The only upside and why i applied for this job was the sheer fact they finished 1st last season so basically i want a return ticket to another nation a year from now!

Who are Toofan Harirod?
I really don't know what to say if I'm honest least i have the coolest football stadium name in the world my new home is called Afghanistan Football Federation Stadium! Once again i won't be producing any youngsters on my time here.

What rank in Asia is the Afghan Premier League?
This don't look good at all I'm basically the same rep as the Yemen cup, really? It's going to be one **** of a long year.

How are there finances?
This annoyed me really bad, there chairman is obviously living in a mansion making all the profit why the player and myself who are on no wage do all the work, good on him! It's going to be hard with all amateur contracts, I visited the board room and see if i could turn us professional but I'm afraid it's greyed out.

Information on the club
This page is probably the best bit about this club, valued at 140k isn't too bad i suppose but at least i have 637 season ticket holders and the main thing is I'm predicted to finish 1st next season and I'm hoping i do this to get out this god forsaken place. No surprise that the chairman loves the club, he's having all the ****** money!

The Squad
I'm just speechless i really am, I've got a 31 year old playing with all teenagers he must be the biggest paedo in Afghanistan. I've got to change this around I'm afraid i need some experience mind you if 17 and 18 year olds can win the league i imagine there isn't that much of a diverse choice of players!

The League
So this is the league and after reading the rules basically there is 8 teams and we play each other 3 times, there is no cup and no continental qualification. I love my life.

Lets have some history
Marvelous, there absolutely poor!