Dec 15, 2016
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Discipline is for professionals.
Motivation is for amateurs.

All Clubs started somewhere, drifting in the wilderness , amateur and rudderless. Something has awoken in the Footballing hotbed that is Hertfordshire. Known for its single professional team Stevenage, that continue to punch above its weight in league 2, Hertfordshire has been left behind as a footballing county, so much so that Watford tries it's best to disassociate with it and claim London residence. One man has a dream to change that. He has been given the reigns of an amateur team playing in the in 11th tier. The chairman, a professional, has raised his raised his eyes to the stars, dreaming of what could be. But for now professionalism is not needed.

And so we begin a long term save, taking the lowest ranked team in the 11th tier of England in Herts Senior County League and we have hit the ground running. The sleepy village of Knebworth wont know whats hit it.

no staff
no facilities
no players of note
12 season ticket holders...

Where do I begin? this is grass roots football at its finest​
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