A Battle on Merseyside: The Network Game


Dec 7, 2011
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Everton promote Under-19 Manager as Moyes leaves

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Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright has today announced that long-serving Scottish manager David Moyes will leave the club after 10 years in charge due to personal reasons.

It is believed that Moyes, who has only managed Everton and Preston North End in a 14 year career, has left the club in order to find work elsewhere. Throughout his 10 year period in charge, it is widely-known that Moyes has dealt with limited funds and that may be the cause of his resignation. In his successful spell in charge, Moyes lead the team into the UEFA Champions League and guided the team to a 7th placed finish last year - as well as an FA Cup Semi-Final against arch-rivals Liverpool in which The Toffees lost 2-1.

Following Moyes' resignation, Chairman Kenwright moved quickly to appoint the Scotsman's replacement. Jason Mann, the former Everton U-19 Manager, will replace Moyes after watching the 49-year-old for the past 4 seasons. The young manager has apparently received backing from Moyes and was recommended to the Chairman upon Moyes' resignation.
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Hey lads and welcome to my new save with Liverpool in a network game which will feature myself and ZeCarlos as Everton, Liverpool's fierce rivals! Anyway lets get started with the formation ill be using and some targets for this season.

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This will be the formation ill be hoping to use throughout the course of the season but ill be changing/tweaking a few things.

Target for Season

Well along with a rather big quality gap in my team and very small budget my goal for the season is simple, qualify for European football next season and try and build from there, it will be tough but i feel the team should be able to accomplish it.

Good luck lads. Looking forward to a friendly rivalry. (H)
Good luck with this me and Duzzy have a Real Madrid/Barcelona one going which seems to have taken forever to get the first season done as hes never online in the evenings! As long as your both commited should be a fun story and with someone else watching you want to win all those games that little bit more than usual