A bit sf set pieces, just found something about throw ins

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
This may be something 99% of people knew always and I've just discovered, just because lack of attention. Thing is, since I began playing FM I worked a little on set pieces strategy, not paying too much attention. Corners and free kicks I set up what seemed more logical, never getting any unreasonable level of success. But I never saw any goal from throw ins, besides a few calamitous ball losses from defensive side throw in. Until FM12, from FM05 (jumped to FM09 after), that was when I saw the first, then set up the throw ins with just a little bit of care.

So in play, when there was a throw in, since amount of goals were still so scarce, I didn't really pay much attention. Sometimes I just was bothered that I saw some players I didn't expect to see where they were. Or lack of them in places where I expected a couple. In forums I've never seen any thread dedicated to explain throw ins, all I saw was one in which people complaining of gifting the ball to the opposition in non attacking throw ins and the advice that setting them to short would reduce it something. It worked but I wondered why, as there was nothing similar between attacking and non attacking throw ins.

I thought you set the offensive throw ins and when it's not attacking throw ins the game reverted to a default you couldn't change and depended on the formation.

And now it finally dawned on me: the throw in instructions are not for attacking throw ins, the ones thrown roughly in the side of the opponent's area as I always thought they were, since was only then that I saw bullet throws as per the PPM; with throw ins you make the set up for deeper throw ins (the first two thirds of the pitch). When it is done within the last third, when the bullet throws PPM activates, doesn't use the throw in instructions; like the indirect free kicks that are kicked from the side of the area, it uses the attacking corners set up.

That is why when I had the centerbacks set to stay back in throw ins and near/far post in attacking corners, I was bugged when I saw my centerbacks in the opposition area in offensive freekicks. And nobody offering a short option.

So there:

Throw ins: Throw ins in the first two thirds.

Attacking/defending free kicks: frontal free kicks, direct or indirect for you or the opponent.

Attacking/defending corners: Corners, lateral freekicks, last third of the pitch throw ins.