A bizarre PC fault caused by FM?... FM causing pc to turn off...


Mar 25, 2013
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Playing FM for ever... PC is 4 years old, dual core, 4gb ram been playing 2013 for no problem since release day until the latest patch. Playing as wrexham, 3 season in or so play on the game for a couple of hours and whoosh, pc just turns off, restarting after 5 seconds, this happened quite a few times in a row.

So i reinstalled windows to see if it was a bad hard drive section, and for a couple of weeks it was OK until yesterday when it happened again! arrrrgh!! only happens when FM is on. I have cleaned the inside of my desktop pc to remove dust etc.

My thought is an overheat problem? Any way of checking this? Maybe just the dell pc on its last legs?

Any help appreciated!

Hi benbfc, sounds more like a hardware fault and not a software problem. The first thing you should check is the power supply (psu).
When the psu is on the way out it rarely just stops working but causes the problems your experiencing.
Hi benbfc. I've been out for the exact same thing. What video card do you have in the PC? Personally I have an AMD Radeon 6950, which is unlocked to work like a 6970. I thought I had to play FM on my MacBook Pro, which is pretty bad for gaming compared to my PC, but I figured out how to get it to work. Have you eventually been messing with your PC, like upgrading it's parts or messing with overclocking of the CPU and GPU?

I'll try to help, if you can tell me your PC's specs.
Hi guys ,

I am operating on a intel core duo @ 2.73 ghz.

4gb ram. I dont think I have a stand alone graphics card. On device manager it is an ATI Radeon 3650?

I thought it may be the power supply but wasnt sure.


Oh and I havent upgraded or messed with any part since i bought the machine about 4yrs ago.
just checked the RAM using the memory tool and its fine.
It sounds like an overheating problem to me too. What kind of surface do you play it on? playing it on anything other than a flat surface (like a desk) can help it to overheat :)
if its overheating you could download a temp monitor (cpu temp or something) and check it whilst your playing fm, this may reveal whether or not your cpu is getting too hot. If your temps seem fine, next time your pc switches off note the time and go to 'event viewer', click on the event that occurred at that time and it may give you some additional information about why your computer switched off.
Sounds like its either over heating or the power supply is on its last legs.