Oct 26, 2010
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january 24th
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Ian holloway steps down as blackpool manager after being fined for filling in a weakened side against aston villa back in november of 2010. Blackpool was fined £25,000 and holloway thought that fifa's judgement was to much . The bookies bet is on sam allardyce but outside favourites are chris hughton, roy hodgson and lifelong blackpool supporter and former athletico madrid manager jordan marshall

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January 31st

jordanmarshallBFC - "i can formally announce that after ian holloways dismissal last week i have been approached by blackpool's owner Owen Oyston"

last week i was watching sky sports, and i was in disarray to see a fan favourite step down as blackpool manager. I would never wanted ian to leave as he has done wonders for this club but i recieved a phone call from Owen Oyston, And he had asked me to take over as manager of blackpool. With blackpool being my boyhood club i could'nt say no and now i hope to follow in ian's footsteps. My main priority is too try and keep blackpool in the premiership and my first game on the 2nd of febuary is a very important one being against wigan which will be a big match in the fight for survival

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jordan marshall takes charge of premiership club blackpool who currently sit in 19th and his first game in charge will be against wigan on wednesday. wigan currently sit 20th and this maybe a big game in the fight for survival

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good start m8 ooking forward to see fight for surviva check out my newcastle one anyway
febuary 2nd
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All eyes are on jordan marshall tonight as he and his blackpool side host bottom side wigan who currently only have 5 points and are endanger of becoming the worst premiership club ever which was last set by derby in back in the 2007-2008 season. Its jordan Marshall first game in charge and he will be looking for a win to start there premierleague survival bid. greg mcarthy reporting for sky sports.

alright lads today is a very important one so go out there and attack. we need to play attractive comptetive football. keep hold of the ball and pass around the midfield,use the wings and help each other out and go out there enjoy it play for the team and win this one!.

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we will give u live updates on tonights very important game at bloomfield road:

the team lineups and formation have been conformed for the game at bloomfield road

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3MINS : we have kicked off her at bloomfield road and a very earlier chance for luke varney inside 3mins
8MINS: ball headed goal wards from ian evatt but victor moses clears the ball off the line
19MINS: luke varney played the ball into andy reid who fired but wigan keep made good save to deny reid
26MINS: a pin point pass by charlie adam into DJ campbell who advanced and struck it low to but blackpool 1-0 in this relegation battle 6 pointer
33MINS: Tom cleverly scores a 25 yard wonderstrike to equalize for wigan
35MINS: straight for the restart another brilliant pinpoint pass from charlie adam into luke varney who slotted it pass the goalie 2-1.
45MINS: tom cleverly was through on goal again but a perfect time challenge from evatt connected, but the ball ran free to victor moses who smashed it into the top corner just before half time 2-2
51MINS: tom cleverly passed the ball clean through to Mcarthur who struck the ball with sheer force and it cannoned of the bar
89MINS: a freekick taken by blackpool which is deflected and goes for a corner
91MINS: ronnie stam penalized for pulling marlon harwoods shirt penalty given to blackpool
92MINS: charlie adam stepped up too score from the penalty spot for blackpool 3-2
FULLTIME: charlie adam gains man of the match as black pool win a historic game at bloomfield road, Marshall starts of his reign with a win

" well done today lads, you have faught hard with passion and detemination, nowgo get yourself a drink and ill see you at training tomorrow , well played lads"

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Jordan marshall has reported on one of his first training sessions with blackpool , he told us this after the wigan game on wednsday .

"i met up with the lads earlier on thursday as we had a game against westham on saturday. i got the lads warmed up and gathered the around. i told them everyone will have a chance to shine i will take everyones abillitys in to consideration but i need to pick the side i think can keep the team up.we settled down and talked about the weaknesses of the club and what had happened at the game against wigan. we are now working on these tatics and we are trying to improve in anywaypossible. we have a game against westham coming up on saturday but will take more time in focusing for future games"

jordan marshall will be hoping to gain a good result against west ham this saturday to try and push his teams chances of survival the premierleague table currently stands like this

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tom bradley reporting for bbc
february 4th

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earlier today sky sports reporter ben grimsby went along to Jordan Marshall's press conference ahead of tomorrow's clash against west ham.

"Were you impressed with your sides performance against wigan earlier this week"

"i was very happy with the way my side performed.They showed true commitment for the team.They showed drive , passion and ambition. we faught hard stuck to my chosen formation and used our tactics to our advantage."

"how have u selected your current team, will you be making changes to the side than ian had before as we have notified at the game against wigan you used mostly the same team as ian."

"everyone will get a chance at this club, they all no there place and no that i will be judging on there current form. i will need to pick the best possible team at that current time to boost our chances of survival"

"west ham's scott parker will be a key man in your saturday game what do you think off scott"

"i highly rate scott as i think he's a world class striker and one day i hope to work with him as i think he can add a huge boot to anyteam, we will make sure that we mark him closely and track him at all times but will also need to concentrate on other players , as west ham have a solid team"

"and finnally what do you think the score will be on saturday"

it will be a very tough one on the bases that west ham are currently 8th, we will give it our all but dont expect to get much from the game, but what we are certain we will get from the game is weaknesses and strenghts of the side"

february 5th

it was the day of the match and i took the players aside and wished them look on the game, told them the playing style and told them to give it there all. result does'nt matter if they have performed.

we went out there and started passing the ball around , we had a few early chances but then in the 45th minute we got caught on the break. at half time i told the lads to calm down keep your heads up and try and play the football you want to play. we started the half very well , we attacked well and has some brilliant chances but rob was on top form, we were once again caught on the break at 57 minutes but luckily the defence had played the offside trap to there advantage.


but we continued to attack but could'nt find the goal we needed. but then in 73 minutes carlton cole scored the goal that sent us back to the training ground. i am was a little dissapointed but the performance was solid and gave it a real go despite the result, the fans may see the result and be dissapointed but they shuld really no how much there players gave tonight, they showed real passion to the club and that is remarkable.


6th february
there was an important game in the fight for survival as 19th place birmingham faced 17th place west brom, the best result for me would have been 1-1 draw as we would not be to far from west brom but still be in 18th. the final score was 1-1 bringing us great hope

february 7th

a midweek international game gave us chance to rebuild and atttempt to work on our tactics, we started working hard at increasing the man marking at the back and when to use the offside trap and when not to. we also worked on the crossing so we can use the wings to more affect

febuary 8th

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nearl eardley defender at blackpool and matthew gilks (blackpool goalkeeper) have had a bust up at the training ground just off bloomfield roiad.

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nearl eardley has returned from a 2 day training miss as he wasn't able to get there on sunday and monday, after a 2-0 loss to westham on saturday on the day a dissapointing eardley did'nt like the way gilks was increasingly getting understandably frustrated.Man marking was being talked about during training and eardley stated "we may do better if HE wer'nt shouting in our ear every 2 seconds" the uncalled for statement made these too need to be pulled apart and Manager Marshall was appalled by eardley's behaviour.

9th february
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we caught up with marshall and asked him why he was at the game today
he stated
"im here with my son to watch our national team , i am also to scout young new talent as in the near future i will hopefully be able to add to my squad"


11th january
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matthew gilks and nearl earldey do not travel away to stoke ahead of blackpool's game this saturday after there bust up in training on tuesday
Best of luck mate,hope you avoid relegation.Are you using updated squads? Will look in from time to time to see how ur doing.
Best of luck mate,hope you avoid relegation.Are you using updated squads? Will look in from time to time to see how ur doing.
yh i am using updated squads and cheers ill check urs out