Nov 26, 2008
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Ok so I'm in my second season with Liverpool.

Due to Europe (Europa League), and the Carling Cup, and the stupid squad registration rules my team is averaging anything from 80%-95% fitness come match day...which isnt a problem, I can deal with that. But As Christmas approaches, I was a bit worried about fitness levels....

That was until I checked my fixtures.

-I played Ipswich on Tuesday 20th December.
-And then I assumed I would play, Saturday 24th (Christmas Eve) But didnt.
-So I naturally assumed, I would play Boxing Day...but The Premier League didnt have fixtures. Which is weird because as we all know Boxing Day is the busiest day in football here in the UK.
-The next fixtures the Premier League had was Wednesday 28th......I still didnt play.
-My next game was Saturday 31st. That's 11 days after my Ipswich fixture.

Is this a design flaw with the patch? Because from a realism point of view, All the Premier League clubs would have played at least 1 more fixture (Boxing Day) and probably the way the Premier League fixture list works, Saturday 24th or on the 28th or 29th? then New Years Day or The Monday? With the FA cup being the weekend after (which it is in game)