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May 22, 2013
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Hi all and welcome to my network game story. I’m 28 years old and have been playing Championship/Football Manager for 20 years.

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In November of last year, I introduced my best friend Miro to Football Manager 2016 and he was instantly hooked. In February, we decided to start playing network games vs each other in which we play for 2-3 hoursevery night. This turned into 5-6 hours as well during the day whilst at Uni!!
We are very competitive and often argue for hours either on Facebook or at work about who is the better managers, who has done the best, won the most trophies etc.
This is a points system that is used to decide who is the best. It is updated in July of every season.

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This our head to head record overall

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Below is summary of the teams we have been so far and then the story will continue to be updated from where we are now going forwards.

Game 1 – Real Madrid (Nick) Barcelona (Miro)
We played one season in Spain with Miro’s Barcelona winning the League and Copy Del Rey defeating me once in the league 5-1 and 3-0 in the cup final. The other league match was a 1-1 draw.
I won the Champions League defeating Juventus in the final, Miro succumbed to them in Quarter Finals.

Game 2 – Robbie Brady FC (Nick) International FC (Miro)
We decided to create two teams and put them in the English Championship – we could pick a maximum of 2 players from each Championship team to make up our first squad of 25 players.
This save was played for 6 seasons with Nick winning a few leagues and champions league titles. In the latter 2 seasons Miro left International and joined Man United where he also had some success.

Game 3 – Edinburgh City (Nick) Albion Rovers (Miro)
We continued from the previous save but with new managers and different teams this time starting in the Scottish League Two. Miro managed back to back promotions with Albion Rovers whilst I was sacked in the first season and joined Stranraer in the league above. I did also manager to win the play offs in the 2nd season.

Game 4 – Tottenham (Nick) Man United (Miro)
A new game in the English Premier League, Tottenham won the league the first two seasons with Man United only picking up a Europa League. The following two seasons Man United dominated by winning the league and Champions League consecutively. Tottenham regained the Premier League in the 5thseason but Man United defeated them in the Champions League final to win it 3years in a row. In the final season Tottenham won everything capping it offwith a famous 11-2 victory vs Man United in the Champions League Final.

Game 5 – Schalke (Nick) Leverkusen (Miro) CURRENT

Points so far
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sorv girton

Always nice to have a rival. Use to like the 2 player head to head games back in the day. Me and my mate had an epic West Ham v Millwall save with went on for about 15 seasons.

He managed 1 Champs league win with West Ham and I got beat in the final after being 4-1 up against Real at HT. Think that game killed it for me haha.